02/05/19 Palmdale, FL

DAY #108

I headed out today, intent on exploring in more detail, the Lake Placid area. Did my homework online, and was able to map out a route using back roads to take me most of the way up there. To me, there’s just no better way to see the land, people, and the culture of the region than by taking those roads, especially when getting there is what the journey is all about, something I struggle to (at times) remember.
Along the drive, I was entertained by a panorama of trees, pastures (cattle), and more and more as I headed north, orange groves.

Ugh, sorry it came out a little dark.

I must have simple tastes, I got a kick (so to speak) as I went by the groves, and it’s especially cool, because the fruit is now in season, ready to be picked. In fact, I saw buses carrying people to (I can only imagine) the fields to pick the oranges.

Taking the back roads psyched me out to see the lakes in the area and I wasn’t disappointed. While not ‘mind blowing,’ the lakes were a new and exciting experience. It’s a part of the Florida tapestry I hadn’t seen before.

Lake Placid.

Lake Placid is one of the larger lakes amongst the many to be found in the area. The bottom was a fine, tan colored sand, and pretty clear visibility.

Another large lake was Lake June in Winter. Very similar in makeup to the other lakes.

Lake June in Winter.

There’s a large state park on the western side of the lake and that’s great to see. In the decades to come, having left these lands undeveloped will benefit us many time over.

Walking around the park I noticed a trail, and decided to hike it a short ways. Nice, but nothing spectacular (other than nature in general).

The last lake checked out was also the largest of the lakes.

As I was heading back to the campground, the thought flashed across my mind on how today was fun. I’m finding that the time is going by much too fast, I think I could stay here awhile longer.

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