02/12/19 Naples, FL

DAY #115

Today was a hot and humid day. Well it may not have been perfect weather-wise, I’ll take it over cold any day of the week and twice on Sundays. It was so hot and humid (how hot and humid was it?), that it just sucked the energy right out of me. As a result, today ended up being a do-nothing day.

I did go into Golden Gate (suburb east of Naples) to get some groceries at the local ‘Publix’, and to check out the area on the trip there and back. Getting into Naples and the Gulf is about forty five minutes away from the campground, I didn’t think I was that far away. Just to get to the ‘Publix’ grocery store from the campground, was a 30 minute trip.

One thing I’m noticing out here; while development is coming and coming fast, it looks to be mainly single family homes on multi-acre lots, and (so far), very little commercial activity, like no strip malls or fast food joints. Another thing missing, are ‘Deeded Communities,’ although they’re alive and well, starting about ten miles closer to Naples.

New Construction.
Typical street in the area.

Everything looks to be new, like it was built yesterday new. As much as I hate seeing the area developed at all, I would rather see it developed like it is, single family homes on multi-acres lots, keeping some semblance of habitat for the non human creatures also wanting to live there, rather than having it turned into another cookie cutter model of some marketers vision of what Florida should look like.

One interesting story to leave you with.

I was stopped at an intersection (Collier Blvd), when I noticed to my left, a Toyota Prius going through the intersection (Green Blvd) at a really slow speed and farther over in the lane than it should have been. It was crossing with a green light, so Collier Blvd traffic was stopped (thankfully), and we just watched it roll on by. As I’m saying to myself, why are they going so slow? I saw or rather, didn’t see, was anyone in the drivers seat. There was a used car lot on the corner and it looked like it was one of their cars. after going through the intersection, it went up a curb and came to a stop, resting up against the traffic signal pole. The light turned green, and off everyone went.

The Prius rolled through this intersection, left to right.

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