02/13/19 Naples, FL

DAY #116

Wow, how fast things can change. Yesterday was hot and humid, and today was cold (relatively speaking) and raining. The one day it would be cool to sleep in late and here I was, awake at 9:30 am (early for me).

Since I was already awake, I got up and went online, doing some research/shopping for a mattress topper. The mattress that came with the trailer isn’t holding up that well (not uncommon), and it’s beginning to lose some of its fullness. I’d been reading that a lot of people with RV’s use them, and that they really improve comfort.

It’s a good thing retail isn’t dead yet,. I’m not sure if I ordered on Amazon, would they ship it to a campground where I’d be staying?

Found a topper that was in stock at a Target store on the edge of Naples which was closest to the campground. I went there, found the topper (actually had it in stock) and left. a hopeful boy dreaming of a comfortable nights rest.

Then it was on to do some laundry. It just wouldn’t be right to have a new topper and not have clean sheets, plus I had some other stuff to wash. As I was waiting for the clothes to wash/dry, I went back online looking for a device to clean the trailer toilet, and a RV hose for water. I was able to find both at a Ace Hardware store just down the road from the laundromat, how cool was that? After finishing up at the laundry, off I went and purchased the stuff at Ace.

I needed the device to clean the black water tank because this morning I finally used the toilet in the trailer. Nature was calling, real loud, and I didn’t know where the porta-potty was located in the campground (I do now). It worked out quite well, although I am a bit sad that my black tank is no longer a virgin.

Another bit of good news is there was no leaking around the vent in the bathroom. Had about an inch of rain today. I am so thankful.

There’s sure a lot of traffic on the roads around here. Made it back to the campground and settled in for the night. I’m looking forward to see how the mattress topper works out.

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