02/15/19 Naples, FL

DAY #118

Another, sit around the campfire and do nothing day.

The highlight of the day (other than being in a really nice place), was taking a shower and having everything work out OK. I did make a grocery run to a different Publix. this one was about a ten minute shorter drive.

A plastic door stop under the trailer door had come loose, and after setting it down, surprise, surprise, I could not find it. I looked everywhere, inside the trailer, outside the trailer, with no luck. Man, it drives me crazy when you drop something, or set something down, and it disappears like it’s fallen into a black hole, never to be seen again. It did send me down a couple notches on the irrational response meter, but I was able to fight the demons and eventually mellow out. Some time later, and after I’d let go of the anger, I did a little more thinking and backtracking and viola, I found it. Now I just need to take away from this the lesson; if you start to get frustrated, walk away and come back to it after those frustrations have subsided.

One thing I’m realizing. If you don’t go anywhere or do anything, you don’t get any photos (wow, that’s brilliant).

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