05/02/19 Rogersville, AL.

DAY #194

Weather is pretty warm and man, it’s humid. Wind and rain blew through around noon, but it came and went pretty fast and poof, the humidity was back.

I was stretched out on the bed watching TV when outside the trailer came a female cardinal. It seemed she just wanted to check on me and when she saw I was doing OK, off she went. Such a cool sight to see.

I did sleep in late today since I had little sleep the past two days. My sleep pattern continues to be out of sync from the norm, staying up until 4:00 am or later and then not getting up until 12:00 pm or even later. Gets kind of hard to do things when you start the day so late. The last couple of days I got up early and that seemed to help me fall asleep at a decent time last night and woke up fairly early this morning. I just need to get up when I first wake in the AM and not listen to that little voice encouraging me to fall back asleep.

I finally did get up and moving around in the late afternoon, taking a trip into Athens, AL, to do some shopping at Walmart and Publix (Yes, I was so happy they had one). Athens, is approx. 18 miles from the park and it’s a four-lane highway to get there. Going into Athens, you don’t feel (at least for me) like you’re in a rural area what with all the business’s and what not along each side of the road. There’s just enough fields, beginning to show the crops sprouting to make the drive enjoyable (for me). Traffic in both directions was heavy.

I’m getting the feeling again that once inside the park, everything is honky-dorky, outside, not quite as much.

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