05/03/19 Rogersville, AL

DAY #195

Spent the first part of the day watching TV (The Peoples Court-twice), and lounging around although I did wake up fairly early (10:00 am). It was a warm, humid (not a big fan of the humidity), and cloudy day, with a thunderstorm rolling through the area in the early morning hours. Along with some rain, there were a couple of claps of thunder that almost knocked me out of the bed, they were soooo loud.

Watching the Peoples Court and Judge Mathis on TV I couldn’t get over all the commercials from lawyers trying to drum up business, all promising big payouts if you’ve been involved in an accident. It was one commercial after another, each one seeming to try to out do the other. I’m beginning to see why our car insurance rates are so high.

When I stepped out in the morning for a quick what’s up, the people across from me were gone and the campground (at least around me) was really quiet.

My initial impression of the campground is positive. The site I have affords a nice cushion of space on three sides although the sites across the road are a bit close. I can’t quite figure out the site across and to the left of me. It’s so close to the road that when the campers staying there put their awning out on their trailer, it goes almost half way across the road.

The bathroom/shower is just up the hill from my site and seems to be in pretty good shape. TV reception is spotty with the cursed fade in and out reception, but at least the Verizon service is decent.

The campsite sits on the banks of the Tennessee river. I got to see a barge floating down it this afternoon.

Not the greatest photo, I blame the weather.

Saw the female cardinal along with a couple of squirrels and a robin. It never ceases to give me a smile just watching them as they go about their business.

Spent the majority of the day working to catch up on the blog. When I add a lot of photos to a day’s blog, it really becomes a slow process, especially since my internet connection using my hot-spot is at such a low rate of transfer speed.

I did go into Rogersville, which is only a couple of miles once you get outside the park and picked up some fast food from the local McDonald’s. When I left to go into town, I noticed that the park had really filled up with the weekenders. Driving the park road both out and when I came back, saw a number of male cardinals (they are so darn cute) and quite a few deer. Coming back I also saw a skunk just rambling along about thirty feet from the road. first skunk (alive) I’ve seen and it was a noteworthy sighting.

It started raining sometime after midnight and I forgot that I had left my window open in the truck. I went outside to shut it and as I reached the truck door, I saw something on the ground next to the truck. I’m not sure what it was since I didn’t have my glasses on but whatever it was it moved and moved fast as I just about stepped on it. I think the only thing that moved faster was me. Curious what it was.

Tomorrow is forecast to continue being gloomy with rain. I’ll adjust my activities depending on the weather. Maybe I’ll have an excuse to do nothing.

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