05/04/19 Rogersville, AL

DAY #196

Today was a washout. Woke up (again fairly early, a good sign) and it was raining outside. The rain continued until around noon, and then only the clouds and gloom remained. The forecast was for more rain (at times heavy) to come back into the area by late afternoon.

After spending the morning watching TV (old western TV shows), I headed into Athens. Went to Walmart around 3:30 pm to get a brush that I plan on using to help get the bugs off the front of the truck (and there are a whole lot of them), and some more pods that you put into the ‘black water’ tank to help with odor and to break down the waste.

Coming back it began to rain once again and when I got just outside of Rogersville (about five miles from the campground) whoa, the sky’s opened up and it went from a steady rain to a downpour, it was so intense I had to stop and sit on the side of the road. One good thing about the particular four-lane road I was on is that it actually had a shoulder, something that’s a rare commodity in these parts. Once it let up, I headed out and made it back to the campground.

The rain continued throughout the rest of the evening and it was still raining as of 1:00 am. No leaks noted in the trailer and for that, I continue to be so grateful.

I got my excuse for not doing anything today. Oh well, I guess in life, a little rain must fall.

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