05/05/19 Rogersville, AL

DAY #197

Another lazy day in the Tennessee Valley of North Alabama. The rain stopped in the early morning, and by noon the clouds were slowly beginning to break up and unlike yesterday, there was no forecast for anymore rain. The temperature has dropped as well and the humidity, well it’s still here.

It is a very pretty place to be.

Most of the weekenders have left and the park is once again quiet, really quiet. It feels like the area around me is mine alone, now that’s how I like it.

Actually did something. I’ve accumulated quite the collection of bugs on the front of the truck. I had some ‘bug remover’ spray, so I used that along with a bit of elbow crease and viola, the bugs are gone. Afterwards, I found a new (and shorter) route into Rogersville while doing a little meandering.

Kind of neat seeing the corn this high so early in the season.

Not a very exciting day, but some days (or in my case most days) tend to be like that. C’est la vie. (that’s it, that’s all the french I know).

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