05/09/19 Tiptonville, TN

DAY #201

It rained pretty much all last night and into the morning. Thankfully there weren’t any severe storms, so outside of a soaked campground, things appear OK and YES!!! no leaks noticed in the trailer (always a good thing)

The area was flooded earlier this spring.
The ground remains saturated.
So it doesn’t take much to get standing water.

When I first stepped out of the trailer this morning I saw that someone (or something) had left me a house warming gift.

That’s right, a dead fish.

The other campers around seem pretty friendly, and I even spent a little time interacting with them while we were helping a camper park his big 5th wheel into a rather tight site. After a few minutes of conversing I’d had enough (not in a bad way). Try as I may, I’m just not much of a people person. A couple of things I did find out in talking with the folks which I thought interesting, some of the cypress trees in the area are over 200 years old, and a couple saw two otters down by the lake. I’ll have to check that sighting out.

A view of the lake from my campsite.
Some Cypress trees.

About all I accomplished yesterday other than working on the blog (it’s so easy to get behind) was to go try some BBQ at a place just down the road. They didn’t have any brisket (beef) so I got a half rack of ribs. It was OK, but nothing to write home about. One thing that I finally decided on, I’m just am not a pork eater (think we’ve heard that before).

Noticing a lot of robins around the campground. I love watching them go around looking for and pulling worms out of the ground when they find one. I never tire of watching them.

Looks like a change in the weather is coming. The temperature is going to drop and the sky’s will remain cloudy and gloomy.

Even with the so-so weather, I’m enjoying the place.

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