05/10/19 Tiptonville, TN

DAY #202

The big accomplishment today was to go into Union City, TN and have maintenance done on the truck. Just a oil/filter change and tire rotation, plus a quick check over. I think it’s important to keep up maintenance on the vehicle contrary to what some may think. My dad used to say if it isn’t broke, leave it alone. You can do it that way but don’t be surprised when something suddenly goes wrong and pow, big $$$ to repair. Wow, I’ve put over 16,500 (trouble free) miles on the truck so far this trip and it’s not over yet (fingers crossed).

The ride into Union City took about forty minutes from the campground. Going there I took the long way which involved taking a lot of twisting and winding roads.

After getting the truck serviced, I headed back towards the campground. I detoured a bit and went into and around Tiptonville. I wanted to see what the Mississippi was looking like since I heard there has been some flooding.

You can see a barge going downstream on the Mississippi.
I saw a bald eagle down by the river but it was too far away to get a photo.

Tiptonville sadly has become like so many small towns, it’s best days seem to be behind them. Still if you look, you can see what it once was, and I can find a degree of satisfaction in that.

Another rainy day in NW Tennessee.
The church dates from 1860.
Lake County Courthouse.
I like this sign. It tells of another time (no pun intended).
Some examples of the homes in town.

Probably the biggest thing about Tiptonville is that it’s the boyhood home of Carl Perkins. Perkins was an early rock-n-roller, most famous for the song ‘Blue Suede Shoes.’

The area outside Tiptonville is flat and farmland. It’s protected from the river by a levee that seems to be working fairly well.

Driving on top of the levee.
That’s the levee on the right.
The areas had a lot of rainfall this spring and like the campground, the soil is saturated.
Not sure what kind of crop this is but sure looks to be growing well.

After my drive around the area, headed back to the campground. Along the way, I stopped at the Park Visitor Center and signed up for a three hour lake cruise for Sunday 5/12/19. The weather promises to be cool and cloudy (Yea), but I’m hopeful it will still be an enjoyable time. I guess it’s what you make of it (hope I don’t have to keep repeating that all day on the cruise). Once back at the site, spent the rest of the day just hanging out.

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