05/11/19 Tiptonville, TN

DAY #203

Watched last evening as the campground filled up with trailers, RV’s, and boats. kind of surprised considering the weather this weekend doesn’t sound like it’s going to be very nice. In fact, waking up this morning it was damp, cold, and raining (not heavy just steady).

By the looks of it, this is a big time lake for fishing, and with all the resorts in the area, a super popular spot in the summer.

Headed into Dyersburg, TN, to get a haircut. Dyersburg is about twenty-five south of Tiptonville. Leaving Tiptonville, the area is flat and fields, as you get closer to Dyersburg, the landscape changes and the terrain gets hillier and more tree covered.

After getting my haircut, I headed into downtown to see and get a feel of what the city was at one time. Today, there’s a freeway running along the edge of town and that’s where all the new development is going on. As I’ve said on a number of posts, with this development what were seeing is late 20th century- 21st century America modern. A style and architecture which is culturally sterile and only serves to further the homogenization of the country. I don’t like it!

Lake County Courthouse.

A few other buildings noticed in my meandering around town.

It’s been renovated but still retains it bones from a time past.

Finally, some of the housing stock in the old part of the city.

It was neat being able to get a glimpse of the past in Dyersburg, now it’s back to reality. Stopped at Walmart and Chick-Fil-A, and then back to the campground. Who knew that getting a haircut could be so much fun.

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