05/12/19 Tiptonville, TN

DAY #204

Woke up early to get to the Visitor Center by 8:45 am and hop on the boat for a three hour cruise on the lake. Waking up and looking out at the cloudy, gloomy sky, I heard that little voice in my head talking to me loudly saying, It’s OK, go back to sleep, you can just blow this off. To my credit, I didn’t listen. I got up, dressed (warmly) and was underway. In addition to the overcast sky, it was only 54 degrees out. I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out.

Driving to the Visitor Center I was half hoping that the cruise would be cancelled but no, at 9;00 am we boarded the pontoon boat (two others plus myself) and off we went to see the sights of Reelfoot Lake.

It was gloomy and borderline cold but still, it turned out to be a positive experience and in the end, I’m glad I didn’t listen to that little voice.

Reelfoot lake is the only large natural lake in Tennessee. It covers 15,000 acres at an average depth of 5.5′. At it’s deepest, the lake is only 18′ feet. It was formed after a number of earthquakes (over 2000) in the region between 1811 & 1812.

Cypress trees dot the lake (in and around).
A couple of Osprey.
Some views from the lake.
A juvenile Bald Eagle.
Cutting through an island on the lake.
This device is used to dredge the canal through the island.

The lake is a hot spot for fisherman. Even on this gloomy, overcast day there were people out in their boats.

Another photo of a Juvenile Bald Eagle. A little hard to see.

After getting off the lake I thought about stopping somewhere to have lunch. Being it was Mother’s Day that Idea was quickly squashed, every place I went had people waiting to get seated. I headed back to the trailer and had some hot dogs and chips. Spent the rest of the day hanging out at the campsite.

Even with it being cold, gloomy, and in the afternoon a little rainy, it was a good day. I got to see a couple of Osprey and Eagles.

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