01/10/19 Fruitland Park, FL

DAY #82

After spending the last two days commuting to and from the Crystal Springs, and Ozello area, I decided to just hang out around the trailer today.

The big activity of the day was to travel over to the regional “The Villages” and check out the local Publix (groceries) and Walgreen’s. As I’ve made known my less than gaga feelings about the concept/construction of developments like “The Villages,” I do have to admit, I like the stores around these places. They seem to be of a notch higher, both in physical appearance and goods & services offered. Driving around, I was once again amazed by the number of golf carts, I’m thinking, if you live in one of these developments and want to be cool, you gotta have a cart. They’re like second cars.

Other than that, the rest of the day was spent vegetating at the trailer (and feeling OK about doing it).

Ruins of a mid 19th century sugar mill.

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