01/27/19. Englewood, FL

DAY #99

It began raining last night, and continued without break through the day, and well into the night. Add to that, it was cold (again, relatively speaking). It was a sleep in, snuggle under the covers kind of day. At some point I got up, stepped on the rug and ugh! My foot/sock was all wet. Damn it, where’s the water coming from? After following the water trail (not a very long trail) I found water leaking in through the fan in bathroom. I shut the vent which had been open, although that shouldn’t have matter, and wiped the water up, now to see if that’s where the water was coming in. Then I realized my batteries were running down, and I wasn’t sure about the generator running in the rain. The rain was starting to add up and the water level around the site was quickly rising, I felt like an island. I was starting to feel as gloomy as the weather, even thinking about just packing up and heading home (quitter syndrome).

Instead I braved the elements and went and bought a umbrella to protect the generator, and a raincoat to protect me. The umbrella worked well, as did the raincoat and with power in the trailer I was feeling a little better. It looked like shutting the vent stopped the water leaking. I did tighten the screws on the fan base that were somewhat loose. No more leaking, but I won’t be sure until next rain. Leaks in travel trailers are not good. You need to take care of them or the walls will rot and/or you can get mold.

I’d have to put today in the not so great category, hope tomorrow is better.

Pants looking kind of baggy.

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