11/03/18 Grand Isle, LA

DAY #16

Decided to go back across the bridge and meander around the area to the west and north of Grand Isle.  It was another nice day (love these nice days), so I set up my route on google and away I went.  There aren’t many roads in the area, I think it’s  easier to get around by boat than car.  All together though, I must have put 150 miles on the truck driving around.

Driving north you get away from the salt marsh and into an area of trees and fields (mainly sugar cane), although the water is never far away.  The land remains flat and you also see a small amount of cattle being raised in the area.  There are waterways throughout the area that connect the area with the gulf.  There where shrimp boats are tied up along the canal in front of the owners homes.DSC_0010 (3).JPG

I also noticed places selling fresh shrimp and crab.  It’s also in this area that I saw a lot of buildings that looked to be wholesale business’s for seafood that were no longer in business and looking pretty decrepit.  It’s sad to see this decline because it mirrors the decline in the distinct culture of the area.  This is bayou country and it’s slowly being homogenized like the rest of our different cultures that made up America.  Another example of all of us being marched to living the same, talking the same, having the same culture, etc.  boring, boring, boring.

Spent a full day on the road and gosh darn it, I didn’t take any photos (why no photos?).  Sometimes you see great shots but by the time you can stop, and get out, the moments gone.  Or you see a cool shot and can’t stop because you’re driving down the road with cars behind you.  I did get a glimpse of life in the bayou, I’m sorry I didn’t do a better job showing it to you.

I did take a photo of a draw bridge that you see along the main canal in the area.

DSC_0007 (2).JPG


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