11/05/18 Grand Isle, LA

DAY #18

Spent the last day on Grand Isle, LA just driving around and taking a last look.  One really cool thing that did see today were two dolphins swimming in the salt marsh.  I tried to get a photo but had the wrong lens and by the time I changed, poof, they were gone.  This guy was there and can vouch for me seeing the dolphins,DSC_0075 (2).JPG

Another cool siting were the pink flamingos.  Picture quality is poor but if you look hard, you can see a tinge of pink on these guys.DSC_0085 (2).JPGA couple of the residents that call the area home.DSC_0091 (2).JPG

Some more fishing boats.  While in decline, they still symbolize the area and it’s culture.DSC_0079 (2).JPG

Another feature that has come to symbolize the area are the oil platforms.DSC_0069 (2).JPG

One last photo on the island.DSC_0087.JPG

The time spent on Grand Isle was an enjoyable one.  The weather, which was warm (mid to upper 70s) and very humid (at least there was a breeze) didn’t really play a factor, even the storm that we had occurred at night.  I was able to get out and about and explore the island and areas around.  Would I come back here again?  Yes I’d come back.

Now it’s time to get ready for the next destination, lets go!DSC_0071.JPGOops, forgot the trailer.

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