11/12/18 Ocean Springs, MS

DAY #25

Cold, rainy day.  About all I did (other than sleep) was to research space heaters on-line and then off to Walmart to buy a space heater for the trailer.  the temperatures over the next few nights is going to get really cold, like 32 degree cold and I don’t want to go through all my propane. If I can find a space heater and it will do the job, so be it.  The campsite includes electric so why not use it.  I am a bit concerned about space heaters and especially using them in Travel Trailers.  Most heaters are 1500 watts and that’s a lot of juice.  That translates to approx. 12.5 amps and the trailer has a 20 amp circuits.  So that one appliance uses about 60% of available power on that one circuit.  after careful consideration, I decided to live dangerous and go ahead and use the space heater.

You know you’re down south.DSC_0187 (2)DSC_0187 (2)

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