11/14/18 Ocean Springs, MS

DAY #27

I thought yesterday was a washout of a day, today was even worse.  The rain and gloom continued and the temperature was even colder (high of 41 degrees).

I decided to take the truck to get an oil/filter change and tire rotation.  Did some checking on the internet (it really is an amazing tool), found a dealer not too far away  (Astro Ford in D’Iberville, MS) and away I went.  I took the long way there and back and I did get to see some more of the area.  It was not what I would call an exciting adventure but a necessary one.  Got in right away and was out in less than an hour. With towing the trailer I’m thinking one should change the oil more frequently and it had been around four thousand miles since the last change.  I may be a bit conservative here but better safe than sorry.

It’s supposed to get down to 32 degrees tonight, oh baby, crank up that heater.

Here’s a question on a touchy subject (This is what happens when you stay in a little box for too long);  I’m not passing judgment, I’m looking for an answer.  it’s just a question that I think about.

God tells us repeatedly in the commandments that we are to have no other gods before us, yet when I look at Christianity (in general) and the Catholic Church (in specific), with its history, its structure, and its pomp and circumstances,  I do question the role of the church’s position.  I see what looks to me as less than total worship to God and more of an interweaving of God and man.  It isn’t just the Catholic church but they seem to be prolific in examples of and use of what some would call, false gods (e.g. role of pope, saints, symbols).  In Islam and Judaism, you find no tools (if you will) such as crosses, or the anointing of saints, or elaborate alters, but in Christianity and Catholicism, it’s common, it’s part of the religion.

Here’s my question; Does Christianity and the Catholic church worship man? Or does it worship God?  Or is it an amalgamation of the two?   My concern is that Catholicism and with it Christianity are a religion that’s an amalgam that links the church and God into a kind of partnership between the two. If so, doesn’t this go against what God asks of us?DSC_0109 (2)

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