11/21/18 Pensacola, FL

DAY #33

Had plans for today but when I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 5:00 am and I had wanted to get up at 7:00 am, I decided this was going to be one of those days when not much happens.  I’ve always been a night person and it’s usually worked out fine, but I am finding that being on the road when all the action happens during the day means I need to make a change or else I’ll have a very dull trip.  Note to self: Need to work on this.  I got up around noon and putzed (is that a word?) around on the laptop,  including paying some bills and oh yea, Peoples Court came on TV so I had to watch that (its how I’m learning for my law degree).  By the time I did all that, it was late afternoon and the sun would be setting by the time I went anywhere, so I went nowhere.  It is a drag that the sun sets around 5:00 pm.

One thing that I did do today, I started to put together the parts needed to have water in the trailer.  I attached a water filter to a regulator (keeps water pressure at 45psi, dont want to blow the hoses in trailer), which I attached to a short piece of hose, which then attaches to the camp site spigot (water source).  I turned the water on and wasn’t sure what to expect.  Good news, nothing was leaking and water was coming out the filter.  At first black water came out the bottom of the filter, thought for a second..Oh Oh, not good, but after checking, found that’s normal and so I continued to flush the filter and yea, the water soon cleared up.  Now onto the next step in the process, actually hooking the hose to the trailer and then turning the water on.  I’m thinking if this is my biggest concern in life right now, things are going pretty well, pretty well indeed.


Few photos today.  Thinking, still looking at all of them from yesterday.DSC_0149 (2).JPG


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