11/30/18 Opp, AL.

DAY #41

Wow, it’s the last day in November and here I am in the land of Opp.  Sure not a usual last day of November for me, the weather today is 76 degrees and sunny, with a moderate wind.  In other words, it’s a beautiful day.   It’s such a beautiful day that I slept until that’s right, you guessed it, noon.  I’ve been sleeping a little better at night but still, if I don’t get up when the alarm goes off, I’m back to dreamland, which was the case today.

Putzed around for a couple of hours (I’m really good at putzing around, does that make me a Putz?), then decided to do what I’ve done too little this trip.  I decided to do some walking.  While the park is small in size, it does offer a couple of very nice, well marked out trails.  I walked for a solid hour and oh yea, this fat boy could feel it, but I pushed on and saw it through. I felt good doing it.  Along the way I took some more photos of the lake.

While it’s a super lake, it doesn’t really scream “Down South.”  It looks like it could be in so many places, Arkansas, Louisiana, hey even Minnesota.  Thinking about it, maybe what screams “Down South” is the fact that it’s going on December 1. 

After the walk, I sat down for awhile, and that turned out to be it for the day.  I did drive into Andalusia (really like this name) later to get some groceries. 

It’s supposed to start raining around nine this evening and by the looks of it, rain pretty much straight through to Sunday.   Some of the rainfall may be heavy and they’ve issued a flash flood watch.  My trailer sure has been getting tested for leaks so far this journey.  I’m still in the process of hooking the water up, why am I procrastinating on this?

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