01/04/19 Dunnellon/Ocala-Fruitland Park, FL

DAY #76

The day started off well, I didn’t oversleep, and emptying the grey & black water tanks went without a hitch. Hit the road (relativity quiet) and made it to Camping World by 8:45 am.

They took the trailer into the shop a little after 9:00 am, and then the wait began, and a long wait it would be. Finally at 3:30 pm I was able to hook up the trailer and be on my way. It was OK, I needed to get it done and knew it would take time, but still, towards the end I was getting a little inpatient.

Part of what took so long is that I had the wheel bearings in the axle replaced. They say once a year or every 5000 miles, and I’ve put close to that on them so far in the journey. As far as the main reason I brought the trailer in, the hot water heater not working, it seems someone forget to take it out of by-pass, oops. I’d like to blame someone for that but no matter who I look at to blame, it comes back to me. Maybe this will be a lesson learned?

It was time to hit the road. As I’m beginning to hook up the trailer, it started to rain, and rain hard. During breaks in the intensity of the rain, I was able to get things hooked up and underway. Traffic was mega bad which only added to the fun of driving in a downpour. I kept my cool and Yee-haw, made it to the campground. Really glad it was only 30 minutes from Camping World.

Checked in and found my site (on the first try). Of course as I’m trying to back into the rather tight spot, there’s someone waiting to get by…Mega Arg!!!

In the end all turned out well and I was safe and sound in my new home for the next nine days.

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