01/05/19 Fruitland Park, FL

DAY #77

Woke up this morning and what a difference a day makes.

The sun was out, the humidity was gone, and with the wind having shifted to the Northwest, the temperature was 20 degrees colder than yesterday. Still, it was a beautiful day. Hey, I’m not going to complain about 65 degree weather, put on a heavier shirt and kapow, its a fantastic day!

Decided to hookup the water (didn’t do it yesterday in the rain) and check out the hot water heater. YES! So thankful that it works. Hot water, oh man, now I’m livin like them fancy city folks.

The State Park appears to be an island surrounded by a sea of development. We definitely are no longer in the sticks. Once you get into the park though, it’s a whole different world, in a good way. It has what’s becoming typical of Florida State Parks, sand roads within the campground. The sites themselves are on the small side and close together. But there’s also a lot of growth between sites and the overall feeling is one of seclusion, it’s a nice setup.

My backyard, not bad.
The campground

It’s interesting that the bathrooms & showers (which are nice) are locked and you need a code to get in. It seems (what I was told) that non campers (day-trippers) were using and leaving them in a mess. Ironic, here in these woods, you don’t need to be concerned with animals, its the humans you have to watch out for.

I’ve been googling all day trying to find out what kind of tree this is.

Took the long way to Publix to get some groceries. I like Publix, it’s becoming my go to place for groceries. After finishing up my business, drove back to camp where I proceeded to spent the rest of this glorious day inside. I must be getting spoiled. Actually today is kind of a transition day since yesterday was a washout.

I’m happy that there’s a strong Verizon signal, and a whole bunch of TV stations (more than half are religious). We must be fairly close to a road because at times, you can hear car noises.

So far, things are looking good.

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