01/06/19 Fruitland Park, FL

DAY #78

Decided that today was going to be one of leisure. Started it out by taking a leisurely walk along one of the parks trails. This was a short trail that ran for a 1/4 mile and then you crossed the road and went back on the trail for another 1/4 mile, bringing you to the second largest Oak Tree in Florida. Nice easygoing walk through the woods. It gave you a taste of what this area was like before development.

In a matter of seconds, you go from this.

To this.

This reminded me of ‘Cleopatra’ the meat (man) eating pet of Morticia Gomez in the sit-com ‘Addams Family.’
It’s a very big tree.

From the Oak, I mosied (?) across the picnic area to the boat launch. This is a nice little park tucked away from the big bad world.

After the walk, went back to the trailer to recharge. Damn, all these TV stations I’m getting and I can’t get Fox or CBS, looks like no football playoffs for me. Having scratched that idea, I got in the truck and headed off to take a leisurely cruise checking out Fruitland Park, and Lake Griffin.

Meandering along, I came across these kiddos hanging out in a pasture. I stopped to take a photo of them and as I’m standing at the fence, they start to leisurely (OK, enough already) come towards me. Fun little moment.

Meandering through various neighborhoods I came across a small park with nice views of the lake. Lake Griffin is one of a number of lakes concentrated in this area. Griffin is one of the larger ones.

Driving around the neighborhoods I noticed a few things. The developments seem to be older (but nice), with the houses more modest in design and size, and with cement blocks being the building material of choice. Nestled among the older homes are some newer developments where the housing has graduated to the next step up the economic ladder.


I also saw a few trailer courts, the size and number the likes I hadn’t seen before on the trip. An old memory of Florida for me, is seniors moving down to Florida and living in trailer court communities. I think the new “Deeded” communities like what “The Villages” and “Del Webb” are building today is merely the next step (which began with the trailer courts) in the evolution of senior housing in Florida. We seem to be quick to discard the past for the new and flashy future. enjoy it while it’s here.

It’s back to the campsite by sunset, and to call it a day. It’s staying light longer which I’m liking, it’s more time to enjoy the day, especially if your day seems to start as late as mine does.

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