01/18/19 Englewood, FL.

DAY #90

What day is it? It’s lets go see Mark & Diane’s property day. Some people go to Florida for Disney World, others to enjoy the beaches & ocean. Me, I go to see Mark & Diane’s property.

The ride was about an hour from the State Forest, and it took me from the seclusion of the woods through suburbia and into the country (physically & spiritually). They have a nice lot in a quiet area, one thing, it’s going to need some landscaping. It looks like at one time, the plan was to develop the area, and after getting the planned development started something must have happened, because it looks today like the plan just fizzled out. It’s close to rivers and protected lands. Hey, it was worth seeing.

After that excitement, I set my sights on Arcadia, FL. Arcadia is a small city 16 miles away, and lies in the center of Florida’s Citrus groves. Driving along I came across a number of orange groves, which I thought was pretty cool. It’s orange harvesting time and while I didn’t get any photos of orange trees, I got the next best thing.

Did I mention it was 75 degrees out and beautiful.

Took my time in getting back to the campground, enjoying scoping out the area along the way. Besides the groves & vegetables, saw a lot of pastures & cattle. With all the cattle I’ve seen, Florida must be up there in states supplying beef.

All in all, the camp site was working out well. The generator was working as planned, it used about a gallon of gas for running 10 hours. On the down side, It is a bit loud at load, One other thing that I’ll put in the bummer dept, the microwave won’t work off the generator. It will start up and run for 7-8 seconds and then shut down. It must take a boatload of watts, the space heater I have is 750 watts and will work, although greatly increasing the load on the generator. The maximum the generator can crank out is 1600 watts. I’ve become conditioned to using microwaves, like I’ve been in watching TV. When you don’t have it, man-o-man you really miss it.

Viviendo la Vida primitiva.

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