01/19/19. Englewood, FL

DAY #91

Today, I decided to go the other direction and head west to the gulf. I Left the camp site, did a zig-zag through Englewood, crossed the bridge, and arrived at my destination, Manasota Key.

Crossing over to the island.

The weather was beautiful and the island was jammed with people. driving south on Manasota to the islands end, I found the beach and sure enough, it was full. Did a U-turn and headed in the other direction. the island is quite long, I’d say about 10 miles of roadway, and with the exception of both ends of the island, totally developed.

The southern third of the key is comprised mainly of single family, middle class homes, or they were when built. The center of the island is where you find the condos and retail areas. And the northern third is where the price tag for homes hit high numbers. It is of course, the most scenic part of the island.

There were some nice views of the gulf along the drive.

As you enter the northern part of the island, the road narrows and trees now line the road. The county has designated the area as a “canopy area”, meaning the vegetation & trees must be maintained and not removed.

Made it to the end of the road just past the beach. Traffic & people were heavy and the beach on this end while not full, was busy. Before today, I hadn’t seen so many out of state license plates.

The end of the road.

It was a gorgeous day to be out and about. I enjoyed seeing this little slice of Florida.

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