01/24/19. Englewood, FL

DAY #96

Slept in late, and decided my activity for the day would be to start to fill the fresh water tank on the trailer.

Since I didn’t have a hose, or running water for that matter, I had to improvise (and as you’ll see, badly). What I did, was to go down to the administration building about 1/3 mile from the campground and fill up containers of water. They had a spigot where you could get potable water. I had a six gallon gas container (new), and a four gallon water jug. I was thinking, I could get eight gallons at a time and it would take five trips to fill the tank. Once the tank was filled, the plan was then to sanitize it.

After two trips filling up the jugs, and then pouring the water into the tank, which turned out to be a long, slow, and heavy process, I thought OK, it should show up on the monitor in the trailer. I checked, and it read empty. Empty, how can it be empty? It wasn’t until I had walked in front of the trailer, that I noticed a standing pool of water underneath the it.

It seems someone forgot to make sure the valve to the fresh water tank was closed. All that hassle, getting out of the truck to open the gate to the campground, getting out after closing it, filling the jugs with water, doing the fence routine again, and then finally, pouring the water into the tank like you would put gas into a car.

I didn’t freak out too bad, and hopefully I’ll take this and learn from it.

I thought, enough for today, I’ll try again tomorrow.

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