01/25/19 Englewood, FL

DAY #97

Not much to write about today.

Decided to hang out in the woods and make a couple of trips to get water to fill the trailer tank. It’s still a work in progress, filling a 40 gal tank 7-8 gallons at a time does take time, plus when you add me to the equation, it takes even longer. Only other thing I did was to take the long way to North Port and the local Walmart.

Coming back in the dark from North Port, just as I came into the campground, saw a opossum cross the road. To get to the road from the one side, he had to go through some water first. I found it entertaining to watch it glide through the water then scramble across the road. It was fun to see. They are kind of ugly but for some reason, I like them, I think because they’re so beneficial to the environment.

While I can’t say I’ve fallen “head over heels” in love with primitive camping, it does have its positives. If you want to get as far away from people and society, while still having access (at your discretion) to them, this is the way to go. Let me tell you, I am in the boondocks out here (the part, I do love about this kind of camping).

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