11/24/18 Pensacola, FL

DAY #35

Another late day getting started.  Damn, I’m beginning to get frustrated with not being able to fall asleep until 5:00 am.  I was planning on going up to Mobile, AL, today to check out the battleship U.S.S. Alabama, along with a WWII submarine, and other military hardware all located on a 100 acre site along Mobile Bay.

It was a beautiful day out. Temps in the upper 60s, and blue sky’s & sunshine.  It did rain last night and judging by the standing water, it rained a fair amount.  I’ve been real fortunate in the weather being as nice (overall) as it has been here.

Since today was a washout for my original plans, I did end up taking a drive for a couple of hours done some back roads of Southern Alabama.DSC_0082 (4).JPG

One of the first things I saw and thought, oh wow, how cool, was a field of cotton.  It’s late in the season so I was lucky to see this.DSC_0074.JPGDSC_0073 (3).JPGDSC_0076 (3).JPG

Southern Alabama does a lot of logging given there are so many pine trees down here.DSC_0085 (3).JPGDSC_0080 (3).JPGDSC_0088 (2).JPG This is an area after clear cutting (it’s really a ugly process), they control burn before replanting.DSC_0078 (3).JPG

As I was driving along I noticed a road off to my left and a sign designating the area as a state management area.  It seemed really remote so I thought, I’ll go a ways down the road (dirt) and get some good photos.DSC_0083 (3).JPG

Down the road I went and as I did, it seemed civilization was slipping away.  Further back I continued until I reached the point where I began thinking, OK, far enough, time to turn around.  Just as I was about to do so, google map pipes in, take a right in 600 feet.  I had forgotten I had it on and was somewhat surprised it was still tracking me.  I double checked the map and sure enough the road would bring me back to the asphalt highway.  So, a right turn I took and off I went, four miles down a road that was showing me Southern Alabama in all its natural beauty at every turn.

While it was really cool, it was kind of scary as well.  What if I get a flat tire? What if the truck breaks down?  What if google was wrong?  Here I was out in the sticks, and I mean about as far out as you can get. DSC_0090 (2).JPGDSC_0092 (2).JPGI did see three trucks parked along the way.  I don’t know if they were hunting or what, but they did reassure me I wasn’t lost.  Stayed the course and finally came back onto pavement.  The rest of the ride back was pretty blah after the time in the woods.

What started out as a disappointing day, turned out OK.


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