11/25/18 Pensacola, FL

DAY #36

Into everyone’s life a little rain must fall, and today it fell on me.  The temperature  was nice (upper 60s),  and it wasn’t a torrential rain day, just lite and intermittent.  It was just enough to keep you indoors, but in a soft and gentle way.DSC_0096 (1).JPG

Some views from my abode.DSC_0097 (1).JPGDSC_0098 (1).JPG

Another quiet day, stayed close to the ranch.  I did go and do some more laundry and oh yea, I stopped and had my Waffle House fix.  They really are dives, but that’s part of their mystique.DSC_0134 (3).JPG

Here’s an observation of mine.  The border with Alabama is very close and it’s interesting to look at the difference in gas prices.  In Alabama, the cheapest I’ve seen (so far) is $2.19 per gal.  In Florida (around Pensacola) the cheapest has been $2.47 per gal.  That’s a pretty significant difference.  Did some checking and Alabama’s state gas tax is about .14 cents per gallon less than in Florida which explains some of the difference.  Another thing I’ve noticed about gas prices along this journey.  In Minnesota, gas prices are about the same no matter where you go in the state, it may vary by .10 cents per gal by region, but very consistent from one station to another.   Since Arkansas, I’ve noticed that the price can change by as much as .25 cents per gal just by going two blocks.  In short, there really isn’t any consistency in price, it’s all over the board.

Let’s answer a question everyone’s been asking (yea, everyone).  What does the trailer look like on the inside.DSC_0093.JPGThe bed is a full size queen and it’s comfortable enough.

DSC_0094 (1).JPGDSC_0095.JPG

Watching the news and it looks like when this storm system passes through later tonight, it is going to get cold…like freezing cold (32 degrees).  I don’t like it that cold, that’s one of the reasons I’m down here…Ouch!

Just as I was finishing this blog, up came the thunder and lighting, a thunderstorm to end the day.   Kind of like how it sounds.  And now here comes the torrential rain.  Check back tomorrow to see if I survived.

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