11/26/18 Pensacola, FL

DAY #37

After surviving the torrential rains of last night (man, did it rain) and worse yet, the plummeting temperatures, I spent my last full day in the Pensacola area.  The high went from 70 on Sunday, to 50 on Monday along with a brisk North wind (I’m sure there are those thinking 50 degrees, yea we feel for you…Not!).   I’ve enjoyed my time down here, so much so, I could stay longer.  The weather has been decent (except of late) and being close to the gulf and the trees have been great.  I like how you’re close to being “out in the woods”, but still have civilization near by when needed, kind of best of both worlds.  I regret that I didn’t explore the park more than I did.  It’s a nice place that reflects what this area looked like before development.

The port of Pensacola, back in the day.DSC_0040 (3).JPG

Per my usual routine, I didn’t do much of anything today.  Got up late, surfed the net, and watched TV.  I don’t know if that’s such a bad way to spend the day, especially when it’s not very nice (relatively speaking) out, but for me, it left me feeling guilty and introspective.

I’ve been on the road now for approx. five weeks and I’m doing OK.   I’m enjoying the travels immensely and experiencing little homesickness, although I still feel the tug of home (in a good way).  There’s so much to see, and I do feel kind of guilty when I don’t see everything.  I think that feeling is compounded by a tendency of mine to not get off my ass and do things (like today).  I haven’t been very good about changing my diet (still too much junk food) and losing weight (still too darn fat), and I’ve fallen short in being more physically active.  I have been fortunate and thankful for having no issues with the truck (3000 miles) or trailer (2200 miles).  Expenses are running slightly less than budgeted, mainly due to lower gas prices.

I guess my biggest disappointment so far has been in myself.  I find that I’m still judging people too quick, still expecting the world to be as I want it to be, and angered when it isn’t.   I’m disappointing most, in my lack of effort to address these shortcomings, I really need to do better.  Oh well, my ghosts are still with me and I suspect, will continue to be for a least a little while longer.  At least I won’t be alone driving down the road will I?

Having snapped back from reflection land, it’s time to move on.  Tomorrow morning it’s up around 9:00 am, shut down and hook up the trailer, and head off on my way to the next stop in our journey, Frank Jackson State Park, Opp, Alabama.

One last interesting tidbit (at least to me), I finally got to see an armadillo in the wild.  The bummer of it though, the poor thing was road kill



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