11/27/18 Pensacola, FL-Opp, AL.

DAY #38

Up at 9:00 am, and on the road 45 minutes later, all under a blue sky and a brisk northerly wind.  The temperature was 40 degrees and let me tell you, it motivated me to move a little faster in getting the trailer ready to roll. Ya know, it really is nice when everything goes as planned, like this morning.  Maybe the trick for me is to remember this day, and save the good vibes for those days when things don’t go OK.

Short driving day of  less than 130 miles, in which about 2/3 of was done by back roads (off the interstate), although I did take I-10 for a ways.  Felt kind of sad driving away from the ocean but I’m still close enough.  Opp, Alabama is only twenty miles from the Florida border.

On the way to Opp, I stopped at a place called Carpenters Campers in Pensacola,  It’s an RV dealership.  I wanted an opinion on whether or not I needed a Weight Distribution Hitch for towing the trailer and I thought who better to ask?  In doing my homework, I found myself kind of on the fence whether I needed one or not.  the truck does sag a tiny bit when towing so I thought,  it’s on my way, check it out.  Now I knew I was taking a chance in having them say, Ya, Sure, you should have a WDH, seeing the dollar signs in their eyes as their saying it.  I got lucky, the guy was honest and told me that he didn’t think I needed one.  He did suggest turning my hitch around, that would raise the ball and the level of the trailer by 2″.  Good suggestion and one that I’m going to do.

Made it to the State Park around 1:00 pm.  DSC_0104 (3).JPGIt was a nice day with a strong feeling of fall.  I’m noticing less pines and more other types of trees around here. It looks like mid-September in Minnesota, the trees are turning color and looks to be, not long before their peak.

One of the neatest things happened.  As I was driving down the road, a cardinal landed along the shoulder ahead of me.  It stayed only for a moment and then flew away.  If you believe what they say about seeing a cardinal, then you’ll understand when I say, my best friend is with me, still looking out for me.  This was so cool because it’s never happened before.DSC_0106 (3).JPG

Everything went hunky-dory (I think that’s french)  in setting up.DSC_0101 (2).JPG

The view from the campsite…Nice.  It should be even better as the temperature warms up over the next few days.  Frigin NW wind really makes it feel cold.DSC_0100 (3).JPG

And what I see when looking out the window of the trailer…Double Nice.DSC_0099 (3).JPG

There’s a fair number of campers here and most are pretty big.  I’m a baby compared to them.DSC_0103 (3).JPGDSC_0102 (3).JPG

This is a nice place.  It has decent WiFi and very limited over the air TV (PBS, Bounce, Grit).  The bathrooms are clean, as are the showers, and it’s all a short walk away.  There’s even a couple of washers and dryers.  Welcome to “Sweet Home Alabama” as the sign says when entering the state.

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