12/05/18 Opp, AL

DAY #46

My last full day in Alabama, and I decided to spend it looking around Andalusia.  I’d gone there a couple of times before (it was a 20 minute drive) but only as far as the local Walmart.  After spending time there today (and yesterday as well), I’m glad that I did.  

It was another beautiful day, if even a tad cold (48 degrees).

I drove from the park into the city center and there it was, the southern town of my mind, with  the town square, and the courthouse.  I was excited.

It’s Christmas in Alabama and that means using the town square to help celebrate it.  That’s the County Courthouse in the back.

Some other photos of the Downtown area.  I could have gotten some more photos of the other sides of the square but forgot to until now…little late.

These buildings in part house Covington Caskets.  Since 1924.

By far the most interesting building in town.  It’s the rare small town that has a building this tall. 

I like the holiday decoration.

For me, these old buildings show the history of the city, and in doing so, it’s culture and even it’s soul.  The story fades and crumbles over time, only to be replaced by new buildings and new stories, but if you look hard at these buildings, you can still find the old stories, the stories that I want to hear.  One building that really brings this home is the old city jail.  Just imagine the stories from this building.  

The old jail was located directly behind the County courthouse.

Another interesting building, the train station.

Recurring theme?

Another building with such a rich history, the old high school.

One of the many churches in Andalusia.  As I said earlier, if you’re looking for faith, this is the place to come.

I continue to be smitten by what I would call Southern Architecture.  It takes simple and makes it eloquent.

Finally, I found some homes worthy of being called a southern mansion.

I kind of ignored this charming city, and I’m thankful that I decided to check it out.  Seeing the old buildings helped take me back to a time that I associate with the “old south.”  It was a rich and satisfying day.

UPDATE:  My newfound friends, the ants, have diminished in number.  I did spray Raid and put out some traps but I think the cold weather has zapped them more then the poison.   Having said that, there still some crawling around the table.

I was amazed to find this bamboo growing along one of the side streets.

Tomorrow morning the journey continues.  Up early and it’s going to be a long day.