12/12/18 High Springs, FL

DAY #53

Another late start to the day.  Decided to do some meandering around the immediate area and stay close to home, and what a day to do it.  Just another beautiful day.  Blue sky’s, high in the mid 60s, and a calm wind, I think today was just about perfect. 

I like the area, I like the quiet pace and the feeling of space around you. 

Let’s take a ride;

I went as far as the next town of Alachua, FL, which is only eight miles down the road, and it felt like I had crossed some imaginary line.   Say goodbye to the South, and hello to, not sure what to call it, Florida?  While Alachua does have a revitalized downtown, along with a history to go with it, It also has a feeling of a 3rd ring suburb with its fast foods, corporate chain stores, all running down one size fits all corridors.  The houses are now cinder block ramblers or mobile homes. Gone is the aura of simple eloquence, replaced by the sterile hand of practicality.  Gaineville is only 15 miles away, and what with Florida being so popular, and more and more people moving here.  Well, it looks like development has come to Alachua.

Now I’m not against development, and I understand and accept that it’s just the way it is, but I still feel sad and I guess even mourn that it has to come at such a cost (as I see it).

Stopped to eat (Mexican), and headed back to the park in time to get there before they lock the gate.  I’m lazy, I don’t want to (in the dark) try and put in the combo to the lock.

Remember when I commented about not seeing any birds, guess I spoke too soon.

It felt good getting back to the park, don’t know if I’m ready for the hustle and bustle of the big cities.