12/16/18. High Springs-Chiefland, FL

DAY #57

Got up this morning to another beautiful day in the wilds of Northern Florida. The sky’s had cleared and the sun was shinning.  Closed the trailer and hooked it up to the truck (no problems). One last look around and we were as the song goes; on the road again. 

The next stop on the itinerary; Manatee Springs State Park.  The park is located six miles west of the city of Chiefland, FL.  The plan is to stay at the park for the next ten days (leaving on December 26).  The park is only 54 miles from Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park, so I made it there in little over an hour.  Now that’s the way to travel.

Checked into the park, and off to my assigned spot (#59) I went.  The main road through the park is paved and nice.  The final stretch to the campsites (1/4 mile) however are not.  They’re sand (dirt) and with all the leaves, kind of hard to tell where the road actually was.  Having said that, these sand roads were still an improvement over the ones at Gilchrist Blue Springs.

As I was maneuvering to back into the campsite, here comes not one, but two cars wanting to get through.  To make matters worse, I had gone around the circle the wrong way and backing in was now even more difficult.  Where do these freaking people come from…Give me a break.  I gotta tell you, I do struggle with people.  I struggle in seeing the value in many of them.  Something I really need to work on! 

The situation cleared up and I was able to get turned around and backed in to the campsite.  Mission accomplished.

It’s a nice site. Level and quite spacious with growth on three sides. This really helps it feel secluded from the other sites. At first, I didn’t see the power and water hookups, that gave me a momentary….oh man.  Hooked the power up and the water, well, lets just say that’s in the plan (can you say procrastinator).  The bathrooms are fairly close and look to be in decent condition. 

The worst thing is NO Verizon service or TV signals.  That’s going cold turkey, oh my god, what am I going to do?  Did find out there’s WiFi at the concession area by the spring, maybe a five minute walk.

Home sweet home for the next ten days.