12/25/18. Chiefland, FL


Last full day at Manatee Springs State Park, and I decided to sleep in, and boy, did I ever, I didn’t get up until almost two. I’m surprised at the number of weekend campers that were here (still) over Christmas. There’s a boatload (is that term offensive?) of them, but the noise and any inconvenience hasn’t been bad at all.

The project for today was to go and wash/clean the truck. Found a self serve car wash and it was as they say at the cape, mission accomplished. The truck, she’s a lookin good.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Its been a great base in which to explore from. This area with its rural richness and wisp of the southern aura has captured and held my attention. From the cedar pines, to the pastures and fields. From the main roads, to the back roads. From the waters of the gulf, to the waters of the Sante Fe and Suwannee rivers. This region has offered so much and yet, I just scratched the surface. Its an area I will soon not forget.

On to the next stop in the journey.