12/30/18 Dunnellon-Ocala, FL

DAY #71

Stayed around the trailer and campground this Sunday, geez, I didn’t go anywhere. It was almost too nice of a day. Sunny sky’s, mid 80s for temp, but with the humidity, it felt hot (I was feeling short tempered). Now I know that the “peeps” in the “Frozen North,” won’t be able to relate but trust me, it was hot.

I put new batteries in the LP sensors which were then placed on the bottom of the LP tank. To do so, involved taking the tanks off the trailer. While taking them off, I thought it a good time to do some maintenance and change out the tank that was 99% empty. I changed out the tank, cleaned, sanded the rust, and then painted the shelf where the tanks sit. After the paint dried, it was put everything back the way it was. Got that done and downloaded the app on my phone, and now the sensors are working…Yea!

I also decided to hook up the water line. I thought that after 71 days, it was time to connect and have water. Everything went well and thank you, thank you, thank you, no leaks in the trailer (so far). I didn’t have as much luck with the water heater. It would start but then shut off soon after. After doing some research via the internet (so nice to have), I’m questioning if it may be the board that’s bad. I’ll need to call Camping World tomorrow to try and set up a time for them to look at it. I leave here on Friday (1/4/19), and go right by CW on the way to the next stop. If everything falls into place, I should be able to get this looked at then…Boo!

I don’t like it when things don’t go exactly as I want them to, it tends to turn me into a stomping, screaming, look he’s having a temper tantrum, kind of fool. I did slip a bit today (few curses) over the water heater but overall, I was able to keep my perspective and I handled it like a semi-well adjusted adult.

I sure didn’t work too hard. Doing those couple of chores ended up taking most of the day. I did watch the football games on TV as well and I think I may have spent a lot more time doing that than anything else.

Bold prediction: The Vikings will not be going to the Super Bowl this year. Real disappointed in the team. This game like so many this year, seemed almost lackadaisical in effort. These guys underachieved this year big time and I’m asking myself, maybe the coaching staff is to blame?

What will tomorrow bring? Stay tuned.