12/20/18. Chiefland, FL

DAY #61

It’s raining and there are flood warnings for parts of the area, so not going to do much today. I did straighten up the trailer and went into Old Town, Florida, to do some laundry.

Walking by, I think someone was living in the car.

Old Town is a spot on the map about 10 miles from Chiefland. Biggest draw in the area is one of the few bridges that cross the Suwannee river.

The river looked high and the current was swift.

Saw this and thought pretty cool (in a history sense).

A span from the old bridge.

Time to head back to camp. The river is not far from the campsite. Hope I don’t wake up tomorrow in a house boat.

12/19/18. Chiefland, FL

DAY #60

Woke up to a cloudy day. The temperature was nice though, and there was little wind (not a big fan of the wind).

Didn’t think I could get any decent pictures, but went down to the spring anyway. With the water darkened by the recent influx of rain and no sun, even seeing the manatees, much less taking any photos was a challenge. Plus because of the rising water, the trail to the other side of the springs where you could best see them was now under water and impassable.

Reflection of trees off the water.

Went into Chiefland and had lunch. The staff wasn’t the friendliest but the food was good and the place was authentic (no corporate branding found here). I’m noticing that iced tea is a big drink around here.

From the restaurant, hit the road for about an hour and made the trek to Rosewood, Florida.

About all that remains of the town today is this sign.

Looking south towards Sumner.
Looking north.

After Rosewood, I headed up to Bronson, Florida, which is the county seat of Levy County. It’s a cool little town with a southern feel to its architecture. The homes and buildings take you back into a southern state of mind. I thought I had left that, nice to see it back.

This caught my eye. Its located at the County Courthouse.

Headed back to Chiefland, and on the way saw another example of one of these.

Like a mini Wal-Mart.

I took the long way which brought me down a road with big old oaks lining the road and covering it like an umbrella, it was such a satisfying ride. Made it back to camp, and another day in the book. It was a good day.