12/11/18 High Springs, FL

DAY #52

Spent time today walking around the park. Even after talking with the ranger, I was confused about the trail system (like where do you start), and after I started walking, I became even more confused.  

On the way to the trails, I checked out the spring.  I’ve noticed there are a lot of springs in the area, in fact there are three springs within the park itself, with Blue Springs being by far the largest.  It’s considered a magnitude 2 spring and releases 40 million gallons of water per day.  I’ve only seen springs where the flow of water is a trickle compared to these, so this is impressive.

Gilchrist Blue Springs.

The water is so clear, and I’m told a constant 72 degrees.

Can you spot the fish?
The boardwalk used to run all the way to the Santa Fe river.  It was blown down during Hurricane Irma.

It was off to the trails.  Let’s just say that the Florida Parks Service doesn’t seem to believe in using signage in their parks (noticed this before).  After aimlessly wandering down what I saw as cleared paths and hopefully trails for a couple of hours, I finally made it back to the edge of the primitive campground and someplace I was familiar with.  It’s such a relief when you realize where you are, and no longer have to worry about being/getting lost.  Aside from the anxiety of not knowing where I was, it was a satisfying walk around such an interesting area, just me and nature.   Saw a number of squirrels, but didn’t see anything else.  I thought there would be a lot more birds, not just here, but in the area in general.

One of the other springs.
Something different, a field of Lichen.

OMG, as I’m writing this I have the TV on and the show CHiPs is running.  I’m finding myself moving to the disco infused sound of the background music, what’s happening to me?  Seriously, It’s got to be one of the worst shows ever (sorry if you were a fan).  What makes it watchable for me is that it’s so bad a drama, it becomes a humorous parody (Comedy).

Today was another good day.  The weather was beautiful, the springs impressive, and the woods intriguing.  Another day on the road…Thank you God for allowing me to take this journey and see a slice of the world you’ve created, I’m in awe.