12/03/18 Opp, AL

DAY #44

Another nice day in the Grand Ole Opp (ry).  Blue sky and bright sunshine with temperatures in the upper 60s.   The park’s been really quiet during the week and it’s nice, it feels like all the amenities are there just for me, no waiting or having someone pulling on the door when you’re, well ya know. 

Not much on the plate today.  I did go into Opp and washed the truck, stopped at Dollar General to pick up a couple things, and finally. went into IGA to buy some cheese straws. 

Cheese Straws.

I’ve never been in a Dollar General before and well it looks messy and seems unorganized, it really had a lot of stuff.  What prompted me to go to the general?  I had noticed yesterday how humid it felt in the trailer after being shut up all day, what with all the rain we had (3+ inches).  I remembered that at the State Park in Pensacola, another camper had told me about moisture absorbents that you hang in a closet or in the bathroom, and so I thought, why not give it a try.  I don’t want moisture in the trailer, that’s a death knoll to a trailers health. 

Another reason for going was to pick up some spray/baits.  It seems that the ants have decided to become my buddy’s and hang out with me (by the thousands!).  First noticed them above the fridge, and then later, found them on the other side of the trailer by the microwave.  Also noticed after looking outside, literally a line of ants coming up the power cord (which is laying on the ground) and getting into the trailer from who knows where.  They’re the real little guys, so they’re more pest than anything.

Later in the evening did a couple loads of laundry, and binged watched Schitts Creek on Netflix.  Not an exciting day by any means, but a nice day just the same.

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