12/26/18. Chiefland-Dunnellon/Ocala, FL.

DAY #67

Late start leaving this morning. Since the next stop was only 62 miles away, I didn’t leave until noon. I checked the water level by the campsite one last time (still rising), and bid adieu to Manatee Springs State Park.

I know that its getting old, but I gots to say it; it was just a beautiful day, sunny sky’s and high in low 70s. I’m perhaps more sensitive to the weather, a bad day limits my activity.

Man, my truck is taking a beating (just kidding).

The ride was uneventful given it was only a little more than an hour on the road. Driving along the tree lined highways, I had some thoughts about things I’d seen over the last month.

-The Confederate flag still flies (not as common but still found).

-Not seeing near the number of Mercedes that I did in Louisiana & Mississippi.

-Trucks with big tires & straight (loud) exhaust pipes very popular.

-People selling boiled peanuts by the roadside.

-Still seeing trash on the side of roads.

-Blacks tend to live in the oldest parts of towns and the housing is less substantial, but more historical.

I’m sure there’s more but hey, it was only an hours drive.

Welcome to Ross Prairie Campground.

Along with the campsite, which is on the small side (16 sites), there are facilities & trails for horses.

The campground is decent. It’s very open with pull through sites. The host was very helpful and showed me my site, it can get confusing the way the grounds are laid out. Setup the trailer and viola, home until next year.

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