12/09/10 High Springs, FL

DAY #50

Woke up early to rain, and we’re talking a lot of rain.  I felt satisfied with the rain and how it was impacting the other campers around me, who last night made me feel like I was living in some Section 8 apartment complex (My oh my, ain’t I the  snob).  Freaking noise until late into the night.  Cars doors shutting, trailer doors being slammed, people burning garbage (at least it smelled like it).  Yea, I was satisfied as I pulled the covers up and dozed back off to sleep while the mosquitoes packed up and left for home. 

This is what it looked like with the all the campers, they were even closer than the photo looks.   

The trailer is just to the right of the picnic table.

Later in the day the weather cleared up and I headed into High Springs to check it out. 

The Downtown has been revitalized and still retains its historic look.  It appears that a number of the businesses are what one might call progressive, kind of what you’d see in a college town or upscale neighborhood. 

Some of the other older buildings of significance.

This is where the tracks once ran.

That’s a peanut & tree nut operation to the left.

The old railroad depot which no longer has any tracks to run along it.

I really like the houses in town, they have that southern style that it seems I can’t get enough of, they just flat out have character.

Along with these style of homes you’re beginning to see what I would call Florida style architecture, it’s just simple, and bland.  It has no character.

High Springs lies on what I would describe as an imaginary border between The South and Florida.  While the southern culture (and history) remains strong, you can feel the beginning of a difference.  It’s like the trees.  They’re still overwhelmingly cedar pine, oak, etc like what you see all over the south, but now your adding palms and ferns to the mix.

It is a nice little town, I’m glad I took the time to check it out.

Picked up some grocerys from Winn-Dixie and headed for the shed.

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