12/10/18 High Springs, FL

DAY #51

Quite a difference from the weekend when it seemed like Grand Central Station (OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit).  Now this is nice.

Today started windy, gloomy, and relatively cold (47 degrees).  No watching football today, the only broadcast channel I can get is NBC (I can watch the night game). Decided I’d spend the day catching up on the blog.  Since I couldn’t upload photos because of the poor Verizon reception in the campground, I had to get in the truck and out of the park before I could get a strong enough signal…Damn Frustrating!  I ended up going a few miles down the road to a gas station/take-out and uploading the photos.  Everything turned out OK,  and I had dinner to take back to the trailer to boot.

Leaving the trailer, I noticed a brown liquid all over the side of the camper.  What the hell I thought, where did this come from?  As I was cleaning it up, the only plausible explanation I could come up with, was the two people who had camped next to me last night must have done it.   They had come in past sunset in an old Durango SUV and U-Haul trailer.  I had heard a noise in the morning consistent with someone shaking a tarp out and maybe they spilled on it and that’s what ended up on the trailer.  I caught a glimpse of them through the rear window and I know I’m being judgmental, but they did fit the stereotype of “White Trash.”

One thing I’m noticing in the campgrounds is that for the most part, people are considerate of each other.  These two clowns bought me back to the real world, thanks pinheads.

There were a couple of highlights from the day.  As I was driving back into the park (near dusk), a boar ran across the dirt road ahead of me.  Either that or someones pig got loose.  Then a short distance later, there stood five deer.  They were so innocent looking and just beautiful creatures, and finally, I saw this big black four legged creature running down the road.  What could it be out here in the wildness of Northern Florida?  Turns out it was a dog (again, an attempt at humor, knew it was a dog when first saw it).  There are some private homes bordering the park and he/she must live at one of them.  The dog did seem out of place out in the woods.

Watched Da Bears on TV and called it a day.   Life is good.

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