12/22/18. Chiefland, FL.

DAY #63

After two days of less than ideal weather, today showed up with blue sky’s, calm winds, and a brisk 34 degrees.

The campground has had its influx of weekenders. It looks like a lot of campers with tents and kids. Sure ingredients for noise, but with the spacious sites, the noise and commotion is tolerable. Went and checked on the water level near the campsite, It continues to rise, so much so, the park has closed the boardwalk out to the river. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get to flood stage here at the park.

Long way from these levels.
You can see the water creeping up.

Sitting in the trailer, I took some time to reflect on the journey up to this point (having no TV or internet will do that).

It’s been two months on the road, over 25% of the trip complete. I’m glad (as of todaysubject to change, stay tuned) I decided to do this. Both the truck and trailer have performed admirably (knock on wood). Overall, the weather has been very accommodating (even with the heavy rains). Another plus, I’ve been staying good budget wise. There are a couple areas I’ve not addressed and need to, namely, getting more physically active and lose weight. I’ve been (so far) able to see parts of America I’ve always wanted to spend time in, and have not been disappointed.

I have times when the pull of home is strong but at this point, the urge to go on is stronger. I think that feeling ties in with the next sentence. It’s so easy to get stuck in one place (literaly & figuratively), and it can be so hard to break free of it. I want to be unstuck, and this trip is giving me the path to do just that.

My attempt at being artistic.

OK enough with reflection, now on with the day. Headed east of Chiefland to check out the sites.


Began to notice the pastures changing from cattle to horses, and the spreads began taking on a more upscale air to them.


Also have noticed that there are no barns on the farms. There are some outbuildings (more like leantos) but it looks like the cattle are out in the elements 24/7. The horses on the other hand, have some nice stables. I read that the winning horse of the 1975 Kentucky derby was from one of the stables in the area.

Driving along the back roads, came across this old store at a rural crossroad.

Wanted to see more of the area but the day was getting long and not being a big fan of driving in the dark, especially were I haven’t been before, began the trip back to Chiefland. A couple more photos of the area to end the day.

I really like these two photos.

And a goodnight to all.

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