12/23/18. Chiefland, FL

DAY #64

The day started out cool (33 degrees), but with a promise of sunny sky’s and warmer temps. I left to check out a small town I had come across yesterday but didn’t have enough time to fully check out or get photos, it had gotten too late.

But life doesn’t always go as planned (or so I’m told). Before leaving the camp site, I had put my phone on the bed rail of the truck and went off to do something. While you guessed it, I forgot it was there and off I went down the road. I was out of the park and about two miles down the road when the thought came to me…where’s the phone? After a moment of realization/anger (both at turn of events as well as myself) I stopped, checked around and sure enough, it was gone off the truck. I have to say I was cool in the way I handled it. I wanted to freak out /meltdown but I didn’t. I choose to look at it as a test, knowing that I’m never given more than I can handle. Back tracked to the campsite, asking everyone I saw if they had found a phone, and each time the answer was, sorry no. Long story (slightly less) short, I did not find the phone.

The next thing was to see if there was a Verizon retailer in the area, I was thinking I might have to go all the way into Gainesville. Checked Google, found a place in town (Chiefland), and thought, that’s where I’m headed.. They didn’t open until 1:00 pm on Sunday so I needed to wait for them to open. After getting there, I waited 1/2 hour before it was my turn (it’s a slow process). Thankfully, I was able to get another phone with the same number, and also was able to download almost everything that was on the old phone. I had to pay off my old phone first. Now my monthly payments are going to go up by $14.00 per month, but it’s an increase I can absorb. Plus, its the new galaxy 9 compared to the old galaxy 8. What does the new phone do that the old one can’t? Cost $14.00 more per month is about all I can see.

Thinking about it, once it’s in the case, does the color matter?

It took well over an hour to complete the transaction, and then I had to finish setting everything up, which took time. By the time I was ready to rock, the day had passed me by.

I was tested today and passed. I didn’t act like some crazy ass, damn fool (which I‘ve been known to do). I was focused, accepting, and thankful that everything came together to resolve the situation. Now watch, Ill get back to camp and someone will have found it (Update: The phone was not found).

Sorry, no photos today, just a sad tale of a boy and his lost phone.

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