12/24/18. Chiefland, FL

DAY #65

First Christmas Eve I’ve spent in Florida, and aside from missing the family, I’m real OK with being here. I saw a cardinal outside the trailer window yesterday (briefly), so I know I’m not alone.

Started the day a little cool and cloudy, but it was full steam ahead, destination; Micanopy, FL. This is the small town I went through a couple of days ago. Its located about one hour east of the park, and its most recent claim to fame is being the backdrop for the movie, Doc Hollywood, starring Michael J. Fox. If you didn’t go off the main road, you’d miss it.

The back roads.
A mix of trees and pasture land.

Some photos of the town.

In another time, this was a warehouse.
Today it lives on as a Bed & Breakfast.
Again with the angle, and I was aware of it this time.
Its the sum of the building that tells its history.

I’ve seen these guys on past trips to Venice, FL, but first one on this trip.

You have to look, but its there.

A couple of homes in town, just a slice of life in Micanopy, FL.

I guess I need to get my head on straight.
Neighborhood streets.

The ride back to the campground was as satisfying as the trip to Micanopy. As I got around Williston, the horse farms again began to appear. I noticed that more than a few were for sale.

When its dirt (sand), you know you’re on the back roads.
Those are cattle.

Yes sir, pretty nice Christmas Eve.

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